Special offer: If you book preparation course AND IELTS exam with us, we offer courses for a special price.

Our courses are designed for students who need to achieve a particular score in the IELTS Test. In class you will concentrate on practice tests and IELTS test-taking techniques, covering the different elements of the test and the question types you are required to answer.

Lessons are interactive and communicative, with class discussions, debates, and lots of group and pair-work. There is regular test practise and mock examinations.

You will also have regular tutorials with your class tutor to discuss your progress and what areas you should concentrate on for self-study.

All students will be required to take our entrance Diagnostic Test before starting their exam course.

We offer individual classes and group classes. Individual classes offer maximum flexibility in schedule and course content. If you want to develop your general English, ask us!

Depending on your availability and timeframe we offer group courses in the morning, evening, weekend and intensive courses.

Individual course
  • Special rate when booking course AND exam

  • During pandemic courses will run online

  • 1 lesson = 45 min. / 2 lessons minimum per session

  • Prices for booking 10 lessons (minimum):
    A) 750 S/. (if you also pay for the exam)
    B) 950 S/. without booking exam

  • Prices for booking 20 lessons:
    A) 1,400 S/. (if you also pay for the exam)
    B) 1,800 S/. without booking exam

  • Cost for IELTS exam: 226 US-$

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Group courses
  • Maximum of 12 participants

  • Total of 20 hours (20 * 60 min.)

  • Special rate when booking course AND exam

  • During pandemic courses will run online
  • We offer courses with different schedules
  • A) 700 S/. (if you also pay for the exam)
    B) 9
    00 S/. (without booking exam)

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  • Online course, 10 to 12 participants

  • Complete program during one day from 7 am to 7 pm

  • Training of four skills: writing, listening, reading, speaking

  • Price of complete course: 230 US-$

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