Inscription IELTS preparation group courses

Registration is made in recognition of our terms and conditions.

Specialized online preparation courses aimed at improving candidates´ performance in IELTS listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Required level: B1

Number of classes: 20 hours

Maximum number of participants: 12
Varied schedules: see list below

Standard rate: booking only course
Special rate: booking course AND exam


* Standard rate: S/. 800.00

* Special rate: S/. 600.00
   (plus exam fee)

*  Course schedule see below

Please note: If you book special rate fee for course AND exam both fees must be payed.
Instructions see below.

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(1) Course fee S/. 600 :
Course fee for candidates taking the IELTS
exam and preparation course with us.

(2) Course fee S/. 800 :
Course fee for the preparation course alone.

Terms & Conditions

1. Binding registration for our courses. Candidates can
cancel a course up to 5 days before the beginning of it.

2. Course payment: 7 days before the start of the course.


3. ​Special rate: Participation in IELTS exam latest three
months after end of course. [Inscription IELTS exam]

Bank account for payment course fees:
Account holder: Educert SAC RUC

BCP bank account number:  194-92884798-0-25 
BCP Swift code number:   0021 9419 2884 7980 2598 


Payment for IELTS exam (226 US-$): .


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